Breakthrough Business Acumen for HR Professionals

SHRM 2015 Annual Conference
This session will help increase your business acumen so that you are better able to explain the impact that HR has on the bottom line.

People are the most important asset of your business yet they are likely shown as a liability on your balance sheet. Being able to articulate why is critical as is being able convince your leadership that acknowledging and rewarding your employees will help drive your organization's success. Frampton will make business and finance come alive like never before. You'll see your business in a whole new light and learn how you can better demonstrate your business acumen.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015 - 10:00am to 11:15am

Peter L. Frampton

Peter L.

Peter Frampton, assures us that he doesn't play the guitar, like his namesake, the rock musician famous for his 1976 album Frampton Comes Alive!

This Peter Frampton is the President of an education company that teaches business and financial literacy around the world using a new visual approach. He is a speaker, trainer, inventor and author. His 2010 book Accounting Comes Alive: The Color Accounting Parable is based upon the idea, which Peter will refer to today, that people are empowered in a function if they truly understand the language of that function.

Peter grew up in South Africa, qualified as an accountant in Sydney Australia, and moved to Washington DC ten years ago. He teaches at Universities such as Wharton and Harvard, organizations such as Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, and has presented to SHRM local chapters.

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HR Credit
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Concurrent Session
Leadership & Navigation
Business Acumen
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