Fly Your Freak Flag! Authenticity @ Work

SHRM 2015 Annual Conference

Organizations have been much more successful at increasing the diversity of their workforces than they have at actually allowing people to be different at work. More diversity, not necessarily more inclusion. To have a culture of inclusion (rather than assimilation) there must be a focus on individual authenticity. Your first and most important strategy to an inclusive organizational culture is making your unique contribution. This presentation will help you understand the link between authenticity and inclusion as well as provide simple practices to be more authentic at work.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015 - 11:10am to 11:28am

Joe Gerstandt


Joe Gerstandt brings greater clarity, action, and impact to organizational diversity and inclusion efforts.

Joe has worked with Fortune 100 corporations, small non-profits, and everything in between. He speaks at numerous conferences and summits, and blogs at He is a featured contributor for the Workforce Diversity Network Expert Forum and his insights have been published in Diversity Executive, HR Executive, and numerous other print and on-line journals.

A strong advocate for resetting the diversity and inclusion conversation, Joe sees these issues as poorly understood and often misunderstood.

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