MEGA SESSION: Leadership Is About Purpose, Not Position: How to Build the Capability to Drive the Results You Need

SHRM 2015 Annual Conference
Learn how you can increase the capability, readiness and agility to drive major transformation or improvement in how your organization creates results.
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Achieving THE breakthroughs we want for our organizations is based on the three critical factors: approach, processes and people. The impact is having people at every level take ownership for how to drive breakthrough results and capability that everyone WILL replicate going forward.

  • Approach. This session will help you align your infrastructure for how people are supposed to succeed with the business model for how you best create value and grow as a result.
  • Processes. Learn a simple approach to evaluate any individual or processes against specific results and how to mobilize people to buy into and execute on improving them the way they need to be to drive your organization to be the more efficient and productive.
  • People. Implement a more adaptable and precision based system for evaluating and improving people throughout the year not just for year-end reviews that will target real pain points for your organization and drive solutions more efficiently.
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Monday, June 29, 2015 - 7:00am to 8:15am

Jack Gottlieb


Jack is the CEO of Total Solutions Group a strategic consulting and results-based training firm. Their mission is to drive what is Really Most Important™ now and for the long-term for an organization by aligning their culture, strategy and capability. They have driven $2.75 billion in ROI for their clients in growth, profitability and innovation. Some of their clients include: Gaming Labs International, Bosch, Johnson Controls, Novartis, Genentech and Invesco. Jack is also the Chair of the College Of Business Advisory Board at his alma mater Kutztown University. He is leading a 3-year plan that will widen and target the impact of entrepreneurship on and off campus to accelerate the clarity and opportunities for students. 



Westgate Pavilion 10
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HR Credit
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Mega Session
Leadership & Navigation
Critical Evaluation
Business Acumen
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