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SHRM 2015 Annual Conference

HR is at a cross-roads of thriving as a strategic business partner or sinking as a support function. The need exists in most businesses to have a strategic HR partner and it's within the power of individual HR practitioners to choose your path. It's a choice that is made every day about where you spend your time and resources. This presentation will provide you with the top three strategies to help you thrive and avoid sinking the ship (so to speak). If you need a jump-start to help re-define your HR department’s reputation and your own career this presentation will help you do just that.

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Monday, June 29, 2015 - 3:00pm to 3:18pm

Stacey R. Carroll

Stacey R.

Stacey Carroll is the President of HR Experts On-Call. HR Experts On-call provide strategic HR consulting services to business owners and HR professionals. Prior to establishing HR Experts On-Call, Ms. Carroll served as the Director of Professional Services & Education for PayScale. As Director of Professional Services, Stacey created and managed the compensation consulting business for PayScale, a venture-backed SaaS provider of compensation resources to HR and business leaders.  Prior to her  work at PayScale, Stacey spent over 12 years in various positions within Human Resources for Trendwest Resorts, Nordstrom, and Western Washington University. Stacey’s specialty areas in HR include: compensation, benefits, training & development, and strategic human capital management.  She earned her BA and MBA from Western Washington University. Stacey has been certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) and as a Certified Compensation Professional (CCP). In addition to her regular full time responsibilities, Stacey has taught HRM classes for Western Washington University, Seattle Research Partners, and Tacoma Community College. She also speaks at many local, regional and national conferences.

Follow Stacey on Twitter @HRStacey.

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