Out of Office Success: Remote Screening and Selecting in a ‘COVID-19’ World

2020 Talent Virtual Experience
Identify elements to consider for enabling your organization to better leverage a distributed workforce while working well in the remote arrangement.

In today’s 'COVID-19' environment, a remote or partially remote workforce is part of organizational reality. Remote methods must achieve “job fit” and values alignment while remaining human and working within tight budgets. As employers move quickly to a “distributed workforce” model, what works in remote talent acquisition? What fails?   

We are in a “perfect storm” of extended quarantines, productivity pressures and an easing of the talent shortage.  Suddenly many hiring markets have become “recruiter’s markets,” but we have limitations on face-to-face interviews and a workforce willing to do whatever it takes to secure employment. This session offers a mix of new tactics and proven strategies to help talent managers quickly adapt to the new rules. This facilitated discussion covers the topic from multiple viewpoints – from human resources, from the operational side of the manager’s desk, and from the applicant’s point of view. 

Learning Objectives: 

  • Gain practical tools and tips for: 
    • Screening, selecting and onboarding from a distance.  
    • Leveraging valid assessment to increase the odds of “job fit” without a face-to-face meeting. 
    • Increasing the talent pool with the removal of geographic barriers. 
    • Overcoming technology issues. 
    • Tracking employee performance ROI 
  • Learn the importance of setting clear expectations around roles and tasks, maintaining professional boundaries and maintaining cohesion within the team.  
  • Learn how to maintain a positive applicant experience. 
Date(s) & Time(s): 
Tuesday, April 21, 2020 - 11:30am to 12:30pm

Karl James Ahlrichs

Karl James

Karl Ahlrichs specializes in helping organizations solve their talent shortage. 

He is a national speaker, author, and consultant, presenting on the people issues in all industries with a focus on solving the talent shortage, and is often quoted in the local and national media. 

He has held senior level positions in multiple Professional Services firms, and was a founding partner of ExactHire, bringing his HR, operations, diversity & belonging, and learning & development skills with him.

He loves intentionally improving with all manner of hobbies including writing haiku, mastering photography and learning Spanish. He wishes he had stuck with his guitar lessons in high school.

He was named the SHRM Human Resource Professional of the Year for the State of Indiana. He is on the Boards of several organizations, including the Maryland CPA Society.  He has lived in Scotland and Spain and is passionate about exploring new experiences with his family and friends.

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