All Politics Is Local-Unless Your Employer Is Not

2019 Employment Law & Legislative Conference
Learn about state and local trends and legal developments that may impact your workplace.

Much of the legal action relative to the employer-employee relationship is at the state and local level. That is not likely to change. Indeed, if there is less “activism” at the federal level, we actually may see more activity at the state and local level. It is not a blue-state-versus-red-state issue: Some of the more “pro-employee” developments have been in ruby-red states or local jurisdictions in those states. This session will focus on recent legal developments at the state and local levels, with an emphasis on trends and how HR can not only comply with them but also anticipate them in the development and implementation of policies and practices. Particular attention will be paid to the difficulties faced by multijurisdictional employers and practical ways to address those challenges. Substantive areas of focus will include:

  • Mandated paid time off.
  • Mandated leave laws.
  • Gender pay equality.
  • The growing number of employee groups protected by discrimination laws.
  • “Ban the box” and other restrictions on criminal records checks.
  • Minimum-wage increases.
  • Medical marijuana.
  • Predictable schedules.
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Tuesday, March 19, 2019 - 9:00am to 10:00am

Jonathan A. Segal

Jonathan A.

Jonathan is a partner at Duane Morris in its Employment Practice Group.


Jonathan provides counseling, strategic planning, leadership training, policy development and/or privileged audits in areas including harassment, pay equity, wage and hour compliance, criminal background checks, high-level terminations and investigations of misconduct.


Jonathan has provided training to federal judges on various employment issues across the country for 20 years.


Jonathan testified before the Congressional Caucus for Women's Issues on how employers can prevent and respond to harassment in Male-Dominated Jobs.


Jonathan was appointed by the EEOC in 2015 to its Select Task Force on Harassment.

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