Building a Culture to Unlock Your Team's Capability

2019 Talent Conference & Exposition

Culture is at the center of everything you do as you lead and execute both day to day and for the long term, starting with recruitment and retention all the way through driving strategic growth and impact. But do you know exactly what your culture is, how it was formed, who’s influencing it, and if it’s driving your business forward or holding you back? Your people invest more time at work than at home, so work needs to be a place where they can become the best versions of themselves and fully tap into their genius, passions and ability to make a real difference—something more meaningful than just the next paycheck. Let’s find out if your culture is set up to bring out the best in all your people!

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Monday, April 8, 2019 - 2:30pm to 2:48pm

Joe Urbanski


Joe Urbanski is an Org Culture Strategist with the Total Solutions Group (TSG), working with executive teams of small and mid-sized companies who realize they need to align their culture, strategy, and capability. For two decades, Joe’s efforts have led to rapid transformation in how organizations gain clarity, alignment, and accountability to achieve their full potential with their marketplace and customers. Joe has custom-built leadership development programs and multi-year consulting partnerships, as well as facilitated more than 700 workshops, full-day trainings, and strategic retreats for 465,000+ people with his electrifying facilitation style. Joe is honored to be ranked in the top 8% of speakers for SHRM, ATD, and Training Conference.


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