Mentoring Millennials: Microfeedback and Reverse and Group Mentoring

2019 Talent Conference & Exposition
You will learn how to improve mentoring between members of different generations to help everyone improve their abilities and increase organizational effectiveness.

Older generations grew up with long and ineffective one-on-one feedback sessions. Senior leaders told newcomers how it was, often to blank stares. Today is different: The best mentors specialize in brief and pointed conversations, focusing on one small item. In this session, we'll see how all generations can work together. This session will explore giving microfeedback to Millennials and reverse feedback to Boomers, and will describe group mentoring with Generation X, allowing us to grow together and succeed.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the differences between the generations.
  • Explore the changing importance of mentoring in the modern organization.
  • Learn what microfeedback is and how to deliver it.
  • Learn what reverse mentoring is and how to deliver it.
  • Learn how group mentoring works.
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Monday, April 8, 2019 - 2:45pm to 3:45pm

Alan Cabelly

Cabelly, Ph.D, SHRM-SCP

Alan Cabelly, Professor Emeritus at Portland State University, has taught and advised its award winning HRM program and SHRM students since 1980. He recently received two significant honors:  students, alumni, and corporate leaders secretly raised funds to name a room after him in the new Karl Miller Center at PSU; the SHRM Foundation awarded him its First Annual Chapter Advisor Impact Award for his work with thousands of students in the last four decades.

Prof. Cabelly is founder and Executive Director of the Portland Leadership Institute (, which focuses on Leadership Excellence in the 21st century.  He uses the DiSC© system and other contemporary techniques for Executive and Leadership Coaching, and speaks widely on topics such as InterGenerational Effectiveness in the Workplace; Strategic Negotiations; and Corporate Leadership and Teambuilding. His personal mission is to help individuals increase their leadership skills and improve the functioning of their work teams.  He helps people find passion in their work life, leading to greater individual engagement and satisfaction, and increased organization productivity.

Prof. Cabelly was founding Chapter Advisor of the PSU Chapter of SHRM, which has won 36 consecutive Superior Merit Awards from SHRM and numerous student competitions. He was President of the Northwest Human Resource Management Association in 2000, Director of OregonSHRM in 2009, and currently serves on several local and regional SHRM Boards.

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Concurrent Session
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