Recruiting Isn't Strategic. But Hiring Is.

2019 Talent Conference & Exposition
This session will show you how to restructure your hiring strategy to be far more effective without increasing costs.

Great recruiting starts with great HR and is fostered by great partnerships with the business and leadership. But businesses and their leaders aren't burdened by recruiting expectations. That's a recruiter's job, right? Consequently, teams aren't aligned to find and hire great talent, and recruiters are left holding the bag. What would happen if we could step back, ignore all the rules that have guided recruiting for the last 50 years and reinvent a more strategic hiring process? By seeing the complete picture and applying the secret metric that can align the whole business in hiring great talent, recruiting can build stronger partnerships to find better hires faster and establish a truly strategic recruiting process.

Learning Objectives:

  • See beyond the standard hiring funnel to understand the complete picture of how talent engages with your brand.
  • Learn the secret metric that can align HR, leadership and the business to support recruiting.
  • Find ways to get more hires without expanding sourcing or increasing the number of applicants.
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Monday, April 8, 2019 - 1:15pm to 2:15pm

James Ellis


James Ellis is an employer brand consultant and the host of The Talent Cast, a weekly deep-dive into the mechanics and theory of recruitment marketing and employer branding. He has worked with Target, SavATree, Aprilaire, QuEST Global, and many others to attract better talent faster.  Most recently, he transformed Groupon's employer brand, reaching Hired's list of strongest employer brands in Chicago. He lives in Chicago with his wife and daughter.

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