You're Out! What HR Pros Can Learn from How Employees Experience Being Fired

2019 Talent Conference & Exposition

How you end your relationship with employees is just as important as what you do while they’re there. This smart stage talk will explore data collected from over 1,000 people about their experience being fired - before, during, and after their termination. Were they given feedback from their manger about their performance? What did their annual review say? Did they even have one? What’s the role of the PIP? Did their termination come as a surprise? This talk will answer all those questions with hard data and help offer guidance for how you can improve the process in your organization. 


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Monday, April 8, 2019 - 3:00pm to 3:18pm

Karlyn Borysenko


Dr. Karlyn Borysenko is the force behind Zen Workplace. An organizational psychologist and executive/performance coach, she is a leader in integrating mindfulness strategies at work to increase productivity and creativity, reduce stress, and create better work experiences. Her practice is based in the greater Boston area and serves clients all over the world. She holds an MBA and a PhD in Psychology, is an experienced trainer and facilitator, coach, and award-winning speaker. Karlyn is a contributor to and the author of Zen Your Work: Create your ideal work experience through mindful self-mastery.

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