Follow Me: How to Grow Yourself and Your People

2020 Annual Conference & Exposition

Fewer than half of today's employees believe that their companies deserve their loyalty. Unfortunately, leaders too often confuse profits with purpose and disregard the principles that drive people. This workshop shows the process of developing exceptional leaders and retaining great employees. No matter where you are at on the leadership ladder, Follow Me™ will show that great cultures are intentional and they are cultivated by people who are engaging, transparent and maintain a style of communication that is frequent, authentic and deep. Employees of great companies see themselves as being part of a greater mission, something that goes beyond pure revenue and profits. This distinctive session will provide you a fresh vision of the leader you can be, and identify the knowledge, skills, and attributes necessary to grow yourself and your people.

Learning Objectives:

  • You will learn the styles, mindsets, differentiators, and essentials of a leader that drive your culture.
  • You will learn the types of conflict, barriers to conflict resolution, constructive conflict management, and how to assertively confront people
  • You will learn the blind spots to problem solving, four steps to consider when problem solving, and the essentials to problem solving.
  • You will learn why people resist change, keys to leading through change, and the dos and don'ts when administering change.
Date(s) & Time(s): 
Tuesday, June 30, 2020 - 11:00am to 12:15pm

Steve Gilliland, CSP, CPAE

Gilliland, CSP, CPAE

A member of the Speaker Hall of Fame, Steve Gilliland is one of the most in-demand and top-rated speakers in the world. Recognized as a master storyteller and brilliant comedian, he can be heard daily on SiriusXM Radio’s Laugh USA and Jeff & Larry's Comedy Roundup. Presenting to over 250,000 people a year, more than two million have now heard him speak.

In addition to his brilliant speaking career, Steve is a prolific, accomplished author, evidenced by five of his books—Enjoy The Ride, Making a Difference, Hide Your Goat,  Detour and Turn the Page —perennially making the publisher’s bestseller list and his being named Author of the Year.

Session Type: 
Mega Session
Leadership & Navigation
Relationship Management
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